How to Upgrade Seat on Virgin Atlantic

How to Upgrade Seat on Virgin Atlantic

You can offer to be upgraded to the next superior level of service by submitting a bid through Virgin Atlantic’s “bid for upgrade” program. You will receive an email encouraging you to place a bid if the trip meets the requirements; nonetheless, you must buy the ticket via Virgin Atlantic Upgrade. It was possible to submit bids up to two days prior to the scheduled departure time. 

Virgin Atlantic offers upgrades contingent upon the availability of seats. If your offer was unsuccessful, it could still be beneficial to inquire with airport personnel about the likelihood of an upgrade or to check online through My Booking.

How Do Upgrade Auctions on Virgin Atlantic Work?

If you use the details from your booking to fill out the bid for an upgrade form, you can retrieve the reservation you made by visiting the homepage’s My Booking section. 

  • Pick “Bid to get an upgrade” when you arrive. 
  • Make sure to indicate your willingness to spend the amount when you submit your bid. Bids could be placed up to two days before the trip’s departure date.
  • The evaluation of your offer will occur two days before the planned departure date of your flight. 
  • You must submit a bid for each passenger on your reservation if more than one is being reserved.You have to pay £360 if you are interested in upgrading for £120 and have three passengers on your reservation. There must be a bid price for every traveller.

If your bid is accepted:

  • An email notifying you that your bid was accepted will be sent to you. 
  • The bid amount will be debited to your card.
  • If your bid is not accepted, take no further action. You can keep using your original ticket, and your card won’t be charged.
  • Up to two days before the day you want to go, you can change or cancel your offer. Nevertheless, you will not be able to withdraw your bid once it has been approved.

Benefits of Seat Upgrade on Virgin Atlantic

Before proceeding with the procedure, consider a few benefits associated with upgrading seats on Virgin Atlantic.

  • It offers complimentary cocktails, dinners, and snacks.
  • Gives priority access for landing and boarding.
  • Seats with additional legroom and the longest fully flat beds.
  • Provides a selection of possibilities for entertainment during flying.
  • Easy access to the clubhouses.
  • There will be an empty middle seat available for you.
  • Provides the best in-cabin services to its customers.
  • Gives business lounge access for free.
  • With miles and points, you can improve your flight arrangements. 

Upgrade Virgin Atlantic With Miles or Points

Using miles or points for an upgrade is strongly advised if you want to improve your Virgin Atlantic travel experience. Prior to upgrading, confirm that the ordinary flyer account has adequate points. Once you acquire the required amount of points, check your upgrade options by visiting the Virgin Atlantic webpage and contacting customer service.

Upgrades from Upper Class to Economy are offered by the airline. Remember that based on the flight and the time of purchasing, upgrades may not always be available. Remember to include the flight details including the upgrade class you have selected when submitting your request. If a seat becomes available, use your miles or points to upgrade to make the most of your Virgin Atlantic experience.

How to make a  flight reservation

Virgin Atlantic (previously known as Delta Airlines) is currently taking reservations from the United Kingdom for new direct flights and round-trip tickets. Use the Book My Reward airline feature to see whether there are any seats left on the flight you have chosen during your trip. After that, the reservation screen will show up.

How to improve a current airline reservation

  • You must get in touch with Virgin Atlantic once it has been confirmed that seats are available. 
  • After logging into My Booking, use the chat button at the bottom of the screen to initiate a conversation about a particular subject.
  • Select I want to move to an upgrade under Manage my Booking.
  • Speak to Virgin Atlantic. 

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic upgrades are priced according to the particular flight, route, and service level. Generally speaking, the upgrade cost will vary depending on variables, including demand, availability, the original ticket’s price class, and the class you’re upgrading to. Upgrades can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, so find out for sure by contacting Virgin Atlantic directly or visiting the website to view the seat map and calculate the upgrade cost using My Booking.

Remember that upgrades might only sometimes be available and that there can be limitations. Upgrading on Virgin Atlantic can improve your travel experience and make your trip even more enjoyable, whether you’re searching for a more comfortable seat or access to premium services.


Finally, upgrading to one of Virgin Atlantic’s premium or upper-class cabins can greatly improve the quality of your entire trip. Travellers can have a more opulent and stress-free trip with more comfortable seating, improved in-flight amenities, and access to special services. Even though these enhancements may be more expensive, passengers looking for a first-rate flying experience will find the extra comfort, privacy, and convenience they provide well worth the money. If a passenger decides to upgrade, Virgin Atlantic’s dedication to providing excellent service ensure that they will have a memorable and pleasurable trip.


  1. Is it possible to request an upgrade on Virgin Atlantic?

Recall that for your flight, upgrades are contingent upon availability. If you cannot place a bid, you should still go through My Booking for potential upgrades or speak with us at the airport about your choices.

  1. How can I fly Virgin Atlantic in the premium economy?

Go to My Booking, select your seat, and review the upgrades. To examine the price and complete the online upgrade payment, hover or tap on the seat of your choice. Your name is linked to a reward seat if you have Virgin Points.

  1. Is placing a bid to upgrade on Virgin Atlantic worthwhile?

More room, priority boarding, better food, and many other extras are all included to ensure your travel is even more enjoyable. Place a bid and reward yourself with a delightful small gift.

  1. How can you upgrade to Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic? 

You may upgrade to Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic online through Manage Booking, through your travel agent or customer care, by bidding in the auction, or by a person at the airport gate or counter on the day of departure (with cash or your Flying Club points). 

  1. Is it possible to upgrade to Virgin Atlantic using Delta miles?

Yes, you may upgrade to Virgin Atlantic using your Delta miles. Through cooperation between Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines, travellers can exchange their Delta SkyMiles for upgrades on Virgin Atlantic flights. This implies that you can use your Delta points to upgrade to a higher class of service when you travel with Virgin Atlantic, provided you have accrued a particular amount of miles