Air France Manage Booking

Air France Manage Booking

Do you intend to use Air France for your upcoming trip? Need help with making reservations or handling flight upgrades? The Air France manage booking service aids passengers in keeping track of their reservations. Travellers can use either a web portal or a mobile app to use this service. You may adjust your flight, including altering the date, time, and seat, seeing your booking details and making changes to your passenger information, adding luggage, printing or downloading your boarding ticket, checking in online, and requesting special assistance. The “My Bookings” feature is accessible on the Air France website.

Air France Manage Booking Options

Travellers frequently need to change their flight plans for various unanticipated reasons. If you need to modify your reservation, Air France offers a “manage my booking” feature. This convenient on-demand service allows you to:

⦁ Change Air France Flight Dates or Times: 

The dates of your departure and arrival are flexible to accommodate your schedule. You can adjust your departure time by this amount. Similarly, you may choose between other flight schedules on the same trip dates, such as leaving in the morning instead of the evening.

⦁ Alter Origin or Destination: 

You might change your departure or arrival city depending on your new itinerary. For instance, you may have to depart from Paris instead of Nice or visit Rome instead of Milan.

⦁ Change Your Flight Route: 

You may alter your whole flight plan, including layovers. Change your reservation from a nonstop trip from Paris to New York to a flight with a stop in Montreal, for instance.

⦁ Upgrade or Downgrade Cabin Class: 

If you want to travel in greater luxury, you can change your previous reservation to a more upscale cabin class. Alternatively, you might switch from a first-class to an economy seat if you want to save money.

⦁ Add or Remove Booking Passengers: 

If other people wish to join you after you’ve already booked, they can do so. If someone in your party has to cancel their trip, you may also edit their names from the reservation.

⦁ Special Meals and Services Request: 

You can update everyone’s meal choices or add special requests for religious meals, medical care, mobility aid, and so on.

If you need to adjust your flight reservation, do it as early as possible. It might be stressful to make changes at the last minute.

The Ways of Air France Manage My Booking:

Travellers may use the Air France my booking service regardless of their connection to the Internet. Travellers who prefer to make adjustments online can access this service via the Air France website or mobile app. You may also access this resource offline by visiting the airport counter or phoning customer support. The next sections elaborate on these methods.

Online Air France Booking Management:

The online booking mechanism that Air France provides is fast and easy to use. Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to the “Manage My Booking” section of the Air France website.
  • Please provide your last name and Air France booking reference number to access your reservation.
  • Take a look at the specifics of your planned trip. Verify the accuracy of your identification details.
  • To make changes to your flight bookings, use the “Modify” button. Choose other times, sleeping quarters, locations, etc.
  • Complete the edits and save them. The system will provide the most recent details of your journey.
  • You must cover any relevant service fees and price discrepancies.
  • You will get an email notification after making any necessary adjustments to your reservation.
  • Reissue updated electronic tickets as needed.

How do you access Manage My Booking on Air France Mobile?

Follow these instructions to gain access to Manage By Booking on your mobile device:

  • Air France’s mobile app is compatible with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.
  • After that, launch the app and navigate to the “My Bookings” section.
  • Next, click the Find Booking button after entering your last name and booking reference number.
  • Now that your reservation information has loaded, you may make any required modifications.
  • When it is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

How to access Air France Manage My Booking offline via customer service?

You can also call Air France if you have any questions or concerns. Here’s what you need to know if you want to alter your reservation over the phone with the airline. Here are the measures you may take:

  • Check out Air France’s main page or social media accounts. 
  • Then select “Helpline Number” or “Contact Us.”  
  • As a result, you’ll have a conversation with Air France’s support team. The next step is to adhere to the voice prompts.
  • After that, choose the option to speak with an Airline agent.
  • Then, you can approach them for assistance with reservations.
  • After that, provide them the information they need to make any adjustments to your flight that you see necessary.
  • If a payment is required, send it, and you’ll get word through email or snail mail about the status of your request.

Can You access Air France Manage My Booking offline at the airport counter?

Air France also allows travellers to visit an Air France Ticket counter and ask for assistance with the Manage My Booking process from a member of the airline’s staff.

This article provides details about the Air France Manage My Booking tool, which enables passengers to do things like change their flight, date, flight time, and seat, view booking details, change traveller details, add bags, print or download their boarding pass, check-in online and request additional services. Accessing this function is simple, whether using a mobile app, the Air France website, or even phoning customer service or going to the airport counter. Therefore, you may find concise explanations of all your questions here.


Making reservations Using Air France is a quick and easy experience. You may quickly check your reservation information, make adjustments, select a higher class of service, or cancel your flight on the manage booking Air France website or mobile app. Check the ticket’s terms and conditions for any restrictions or fees for making changes or cancelling your reservation. Please don’t hesitate to contact Air France customer service with any problems or inquiries. They trust that you can manage your Air France reservation with the help of these instructions. Have a safe trip!