How Alaska Airlines Premium Economy Class is Different from its Economy Ticket

Alaska Airlines treats people in Premium Class like a VIP. There will be plugs in your seats, hot meals (with liquor or a beverage), and more space for your legs. You’ll get to share this exciting experience with one other person, though, which is the best thing about taking Alaska Airlines Premium Class! In simpler terms, it’s an excellent choice for couples or groups of friends who love thrilling and fancy travel to get together.

You can book premium class seats if you’d like more room on the seats. People who want more space on the plane can go to Alaska Airlines’ Premium Economy class, which is only for them. Anyway, the convenience cabin has everything that the main cabin doesn’t: more legroom in the seats, better facilities on board, and better services at the airport. You can change your flight seat to a premium seat for as little as $15, even if your original seat was in a different class. Let us look into how you can have a great journey with Alaska Airlines in their Premium Class seats.

What are the services you get in Alaska Airlines Premium Economy Class

If you book an Alaska Airlines premium class cabin, you can get a lot of extra services that aren’t offered in the Main Cabin or The economy seats. When you book Alaska Airlines Premium Class, you get a lot of extras that make your trip even better.

When you book a Premium Economy seat, you get the following:

  • There is four inches more legroom than in the regular Economy and Main Cabin seats.
  •  On most trips longer than 350 miles, you can get wine, beer, and cocktails.
  • Quickly boarding and getting off lets you have more time to get comfortable on the flight and get your bags after landing.
  • You can get a better deal on trips when you book them. 

You can choose to change to first class, or you are able to do it afterwards through Alaska Airlines Manage booking service. As an update, either choice starts at just $15.

Distinction between Alaska Airlines First Class and Premium Economy Class

First Class and Economy Class are the two main cabin classes that Alaska Airlines offers. Premium Class is the third cabin class option. There are some things that are the same and some things that are different about the cabin service and amenities. Premium Class seats, for instance, are not as roomy as First Class seats, and there are fewer food and drink choices than in First Class. Read the Alaska Airlines “Premium class vs. First class” on the official site to learn more about a key distinction between these two.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Upgrade

If you booked a flight with Alaska Airlines in economy class and did not receive the option to add extras or thought the service wasn’t worth it, you can still upgrade to its premium class. However, you need to know some basic things about how to do this, which is what you should read below.

  • Let’s say you change your class from economy to luxury premium economy within the time frame of twenty-four hours of booking. Then you won’t have to pay anything extra. 
  • The premium economy price, on the other hand, will cost higher than the economy ticket, so you will be responsible for paying extra for that.
  • Lastly, if the price is lesser, you will be given travel funds that you can use to buy another Alaska Airlines ticket.


  • 450 to 700 miles for $29
  • $49 for 701 to 1400 miles
  • $149 for 1401 to 2100 miles, 
  • $199 for 2101 miles or more

If you want to change the Alaska Airlines ticket to Premium Economy class, follow these steps:

  • Open the search engine and click on the Alaska Airlines page. 
  • Then, go to the “Manage Booking” tab and enter the information about the ticket. 
  • Then get your reservation back and click on the tab that says “Seat Upgrade.”
  • You need to choose an economy icon in the ticket class domain. 
  • After this, you move on to the payment part. 
  • Here, you can see if there are any fees, and after you pay, you’ll get a straight confirmation email.
  • You can also ask for help with an Alaska Airlines change to Premium Class by calling the company’s main number. This is a more discreet way to go than upgrading your class online.

Alaska Airlines Fee For Upgrading to Premium Economy Class?

On Alaska Airlines, it only costs $15-$99 to go from Economy to Premium Class. The price changes based on the class and ticket; if you need more help, talk to the Alaska Airlines customer service team experts.

Why Passengers Choose Alaska Airlines Premium Economy Class 

Whether you choose to upgrade to Alaska Airlines first class relies on your needs and wants. When choosing whether of upgrading to the premium class, here are some things to think about:

  • Comfort level of the seats: Seats in the premium class are wider, have more legroom, and have other features that are able to make your ride more pleasant.
  • Low Prices: As we already said, moving up to premium class can be pricey, and the rates change based on the trip and the time of booking. You should think about whether the cost of updating is valuable for you before you do it.
  • Free Food and Entertainment: People in first class usually get no-cost meals and beverages, while a few flights also have entertainment choices that you can use whenever you want. This might be worth the extra money if these things are important to you.

In the end, whether you choose to upgrade to Alaska Airlines’ premium class will rely on your own preferences and needs. You can also call or go to the website to ask Alaska Airlines to upgrade your ticket.

Planes that offers Alaska Airlines Premium Class Seats

On some trips, Alaska Airlines has cabins for Premium Class passengers. The services and amenities change based on the journey and the type of aircraft. The website has a seat map that you can look at. You can also call their customer service to find out which planes and routes offer Premium Class.

For example, the following categories of Alaska Airlines planes have seats offered in Premium Class:

  • The Boeing 737-800
  • The Boeing 737-900
  • The Boeing 737-900ER
  • A319
  • A320
  • E175 Airbus planes

Remember that the number of Premium Class seats available can change based on the route and time, therefore double-check with Alaska Airlines before you book.

Get Free Drinks in Alaska Airlines Economy Class

People in Premium Class who are at least 21 years old can choose from free drinks such as beer, or wine on trips with a beverage service. If the trip is longer than 223 miles, the airline usually offers a drink service.

Alaska Airlines has limits on how many alcoholic drinks each passenger can drink to make sure that all guests and team members are safe. There can only be two drinks of alcohol or one packaged cocktail at any one time on the plane. To follow the rule, Flight Attendants are also not allowed to serve any passenger who looks like they are drunk, just like they are on the ground.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Baggage Limits

If you book a flight on Alaska Airlines in Premium  class, you get free checked bags. Not only do you get your checked baggage and hand luggage, but you also get two free check-in bags. From the last checked bag on, there will be a standard $100 fee for each additional bag.

Check Alaska Airlines detailed list of what kind of bags they accept and what kinds of bags you can bring. Don’t forget to check the fees and limits for extra bags so you don’t get charged extra.

Are They Provide Free Meals in Alaska Airlines Premium Class

When you book a premium class seat on Alaska Airlines, you do not get free food. You can buy fresh food on the plane. In the airline’s cabins, you can find freshly made meals with West Coast-inspired foods. So, if you book a cabin in the top class, you are able to buy your meals ahead of time.

Only a specific number of fruit or dairy products plates can be pre-ordered for trips longer than 800 miles. Between two weeks and twenty hours before the flight, you can place an order.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Lounge Access

People who book Alaska Airlines Premium Class seats do not get free access to lounges. Customers who book flights in various cabins and want to use the lounges for those cabins must follow certain rules set by the airline company. That means you can’t get in for free unless you’ve booked a first-class cabin. But if you book a premium class trip on Alaska Airlines, you can look at your day pass choices to get into the lounge.

Services Provided by Alaska Air Premium Class

To figure out if it’s worth it to fly Alaska Premium Class, let’s look at all of the key benefits.

First Boarding:

One of the best things about the Alaska Premium category is that you are allowed to board first. If you purchased an Alaska Premium Class reservation, you will get on the plane with Group B.

Front-row seats in the premium class cabin

You’ll be able to get on the plane early and get a place near the starting point of the economy section.  

Additional room for your legs

You will have an extra three to four inches of legroom on average compared to Main Cabin. However, the precise number of inches of more legroom you get will rely on the plane you’re flying on. Like, on an Airbus A319, you might have six more inches of space.

Free alcoholic drinks

People really enjoy the perk of luxury class where they may receive free alcoholic drinks like alcohol, beverages, and cocktails.

The flight has to be not less than 350 miles long in order to obtain these free drinks. 

They include a good range of drinks, such as

  • Acorn Brewing IPA from the West Coast 
  • Full Sail Beer Making Time for session Lager Beer 
  • The Broken Earth Winery The Past Red Mix 
  • Ridge of Canoe Plantations of grapes Dome St. Vincent Chardonnay Sparkling Wine 
  • Whisky Jack Daniel’s 
  • The Woodford Reserve Rum and Bourbon 
  • Whisky Scotch Scotch whisky 
  • The Cruzan Rum 
  • Gin 
  • Our Tito’s Vodka 
  • Irish Cream from Five Farms


Q1. What Services are given If you pay for Alaska Airlines First Class?

  • The plane’s seats are big and were custom made.
  • Two free bags to check in
  • Free drinks like wines, alcoholic beverages, and cocktails
  • Priority seating for flights
  • A chance to reserve free food ahead of time for onboard
  • Use of the free room
  • You can get Wi-Fi and fast internet.

Q2. How many bags can I have on Alaska First Class?

Enjoy benefits that are only available in First Class. You are able to check in two free luggage, sidestep lines for faster check-in and boarding, and go through security faster at some airports. Plus, when you buy a First Class ticket, you’ll get 75% more bonus Mileage PlanTM miles.

Q3. Is Alaska Airlines business class similar to its first class?

The experience of flying on Alaska Airlines is not like flying in business class. People can pick from the following fare groups instead: First rate. First class.

Q4. How to Use Alaska Airlines Miles to Get First-Class Seats?

Here is a chart that shows how much it costs to change to a first-class ticket on Alaska Airlines for a one-way trip.

  • For journeys between 0 and 450 miles, the one-way price is 29 US dollars.
  • 49 US dollars for one-way trips of 51 to 700 miles
  • From 701 to 1400 miles per one-way reservation: $99 USD
  • 1401 to 2100 miles per one-way reservation: $149 USD
  • 2101 miles or more per one-way reservation: 199 USD

In case you are an Elite level customer of the miles plan, you can even buy Alaska Airlines tickets for upgrades. 

Q5. How many miles do you require to get to Alaska Airlines first class? 

It only takes 15,000 miles to get to First Class. When you’re looking for flights, choose Mile Upgrades as your Upgrading choice. This will let you see what fares are eligible for a mileage upgrade and how much space is available.

Q6. How much is Alaska Airlines 80,000 miles worth?

80,000 Alaska Airlines are worth $1,120 

Q7. What should someone wear in Alaska Airlines first class?

Alaska Airlines first class lounge required a neat and well-groomed look.

Q8. How much limit is prescribed for Alaska Airlines first class baggage? 

  • In Alaska Airlines first class, your checked baggage bags should be the same size: 22 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches high.
  • Your checked bags shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • The measurements of checked luggage should be around a maximum of 62 inches of the total size.
  • Alaska Airlines lets passengers bring two personal items and two checked things for free, even on international flights.
  • If the size and weight of your checked bags are too big, you will have to pay more for it.

Q9. Does Alaska Air first class lounge provide free food and drinks?

All of the First Class lounge’s amenities are yours for free if you bought a ticket for an Alaska First Class trip. You will have to pay extra for any item on the list of extra items that you choose.

Q10. Do passengers in first class flight get drinks for free?

In addition to all the nice things that come with First Class, you can also enjoy free premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the trip. On local flights, you can only have non-alcoholic drinks. On long-haul flights, you can have both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Q11. Does Alaska Airlines first class have lie down flat seats?

Each seat in Alaska Airlines First Class cabin and flight is lie-flat. There are 41 inches between each seat on an aeroplane, which gives you more space. Every seat in first class is bigger and has more space for your legs.

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