Lufthansa Name Change Policy

Lufthansa Name Change Policy

Lufthansa is a German air carrier that is also the flag bearer and the country’s largest airline. Furthermore, when combine with its subsidiaries, it is the second-largest airline in Europe. The airline has over 700 aircraft, and hails from Cologne. Founded in 1953, Lufthansa is well regarded for its quality service and customer appreciation. Hence, in comes as no surprise that the Manage Booking on Lufthansa allows for modification on a pre-booked trip. Passengers can, without worry, use the service to make amends to their itinerary One such rectification is Lufthansa name change, that allows passengers to correct the mistakes made during reservation and changing their names on the ticket to ensure uninterrupted travel.

Using Manage Booking for Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket?

Lufthansa Name Change

Passengers can visit the official website or the office sources such as the customer care to avail the benefits of Manage Booking. Thus, Lufthansa name change on ticket is possible both online and offline. However, these changes must adhere to the Lufthansa name change policy and follow the rules and guidelines set in order for the airline to be functional. In some cases you also have to pay certain name change fee, but first let us learn how to name change on a Lufthansa flight.

Lufthansa Name Change Online

It is very easy, and a direct approach, to change your name on a Lufthansa Airline flight by using the official website’s Manage Booking. Thus, by following the simple steps described below, Lufthansa name change will be possible:

  • First, go to the Lufthansa website.
  • Then either locate the My Booking section on the home page, or click on Menu and then under Book & Manage select View & amend flight details.
  • Now you have multiple ways to recover your pre-booked flight details, such as:
    • You can use the Booking Code along with passengers details like the first and last name to retrieve your flight.
    • Or you can log into your Lufthansa account and use Manage Booking to view your booking history.
    • Lastly, you can use the Miles & More program account and use it to search for your pre-booked trip.
  • No matter the method, once you have the details ready on your screen, click on the flight you want to modify.
  • Now click on Change Flight and move the cursor to the Name section. Click on Edit.
  • Then enter the correct name.
    • Remember that Lufthansa doesn’t allow a name correction for more than 2 letters online. If you want to change the full name or do a major correction, you have to contact the customer care.
  • After making the corrections, click on Confirm.
  • Now, the website will redirect you for payments.
    • Under the Lufthansa name change policy, a name change fee can apply on certain changes alongside a fare difference and taxes, which you have to pay.
  • After making payment, wait for your new itinerary in your email.

Lufthansa Name Change Via Phone

You can also use a phone call to make changes to your name. All you need to do is:

  • First, call the Lufthansa customer care at +1 800-548-3192.
  • Then follow the on-call instructions and talk to a representative.
  • Ask him to change your name and provide your booking details.
  • Lastly, in case of major name changes, you will have to submit some legal documents and pay the name change fee.

Lufthansa Change Person at the Airport

Lufthansa change name on ticket can be done at the airport. Although many consider it a last minute approach, you can visit the Lufthansa ticket counter and request a name change after providing booking details and supporting documents.

Lufthansa Name Change Policy

Lufthansa Name Change

Lufthansa change name on ticket, as per the policy, states that:

  • Only tickets issued by Lufthansa will beentetined for a name change.
  • Passengers are allowed a name correction of two letters.
  • The middle name can be added, removed or corrected anytime, but only initials.
  • Legal name changes carry the burden of proof.
  • One name change per passenger per ticket is permitted.
  • THe Lufthansa group travel booking wont be charged for a name change but only till a ticket is issued.
  • Legal name changes in a group travel booking shall remain free even after ticket issuence.
  • You can also alter the prefix or suffix to the name.
  • The name change shall reflect on the passport and your government issued identificatin.
  • Any third party reservation wont be eligible for a name change, you will haveto conact the thrd party for the same.
  • A PNR with the frequent flyer code cant be subject to a name change. The only recourse is to cancel and re-book the flight.
  • Under any circumstances, a transfer of ownership in not allowed for Lufthansa flight tickets.
  • Same day flight ticket purchases are illegible for name changes.
  • Only flights operated by Lufthansa shall be covered under this policy.
  • The airlines entertain both minor and major corrections.

Lufthansa Name Change Fees

There is no fee for a name correction if it is done within 24 hours of booking. Furthermore, before ticket issuance you are free to make as many name change attempts as you want, also for free. However, other than these two conditions, a passenger is subject to a name change. The name change fee includes the fare difference, and it can range from $100 to $250.

Lufthansa Name Correction Policy

The name correction policy is as follows:

  • Name corrections are only allowed on tickets starting with 230.
  • One correction per passenger per ticket, on any flight operated solely by Lufthansa.
  • You can make a correction up to two letters in a name (first, middle and last name combined.)
  • Nickname are also entertained under the policy, and it is possible to interchange the first name and nickname.

Lufthansa Name Correction Scenarios

If you have bought the ticket from a third party, then the following scenarios are for you:

Scenario 1: When a name change request is made, the travel agent has to ensure PNR sync between Lufthansa and the GDS system. Then he can alter the PNR and reissues the ticket to the traveler with a name fee charge of $200.
Scenario 2: In case of a major correction, the PNR sync must be automated, and the agent has to contact Lufthansa with valid documents and alter the original PNR, reissue and charge $200 name change fee.
Scenario 3: If the PNR is generated, then a new PNR may be needed. Lufthansa change name on ticket must be done, and the ticket has to remain the same quality in terms of fare type and class. Then reissue the ticket with the new PNR and charge $200.
Scenario 4: As per the Lufthansa Name Change policy, if there is a frequent flyer code in the PNR, then Lufthansa change name on ticket is not possible. Thus cancel the PNR and create a new one with correct details, reissue the ticket and charge $200.
Scenario 5: If it is a segmented flight with a mix of other airlines, create a new PNR to avoid issues. Cancel and re-book the flight, apply a fare difference and charge a name change fee of $200.

Why Do We Need to Correct the Wrong Name on the Air Booking?

There is a need to correct a wrong name because:

  • A passenger cant be deemed legitimate if the name mismatches.
  • In such cases, you can be denied boarding.
  • Repeated issue can also invoke a travel ban and revoke your flying privileges.
  • Furthermore, a wrong name is in clear defiance of air fare and is clear conflict with aviation laws.

The No Last Name Policy of Lufthansa

If you do not have a last name, then:

  • First, ensure that your first and middle names are correct and reflect the same on your passport.
  • Then contact the customer care and inform them the same.
  • You may need to produce some documents, such as:
  • Other identification documents that contain the same name as your school certificate, graduation certificate, driving license, or any other identification.
  • After that, you can simply use your first name in your bookings.
  • We recommend using offline methods for booking, as the online reservation form is rigid.

Lufthansa Name Change – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lufthansa Allow Name Changes?

Ans: Yes, it allows both major and minor changes.

How can I change Lufthansa middle name on ticket?

Ans: You can use initials in your middle name, but not more than 2.

How to change a misspelled name on Lufthansa airline ticket?

Ans: Use the Manage Booking on the website, or you can utilize offline resources to make a change.

What is Lufthansa name change due to marriage?

Ans: You are entitled to a full name change if there are legal obligations such as marriage, divorce, adoption etc.

Can Lufthansa transfer ticket to another person?

Ans: No, the policy forbids the transfer of tickets.

Can I change the name on Lufthansa ticket after booking?

Ans: Yes, you are free to make major changes, but it needs to be processed offline.

Can I change the first and last name of the passengers on the Lufthansa flight ticket?

Ans: You can only change your last name, but provide the necessary legal documents.

How much does it cost to change a name on Lufthansa airline?

Ans: It is free to make minor changes on Lufthansa, but in case of a major name change, it can cost anywhere in between $100 to $200, depending on the fare type, class and destination.

Does Lufthansa allow the transfer of tickets to another person?

Ans: No, it is forbidden to transfer the airline flight ticket.

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