Privacy Policy

We give more prominence to your security

We always respect and prioritize your privacy and concern about your security. We take precise steps when it comes to collecting your data and using it. However, we are going to give an Outlook about why your data is collected and how we use it, and all the precautions that we take in order to secure it.

But, in order to keep your data secure, you have to work with us by minding all the do’s and don’ts that we mention in this privacy policy.

What kind of data do we collect?

The User will be asked the following data when you are booking a flight from our website
1. Name
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. Contact number
5. Email id…etc

NOTE: If you happened to book for another person under your account we will ask for some of the required details of that particular person.

Why do we ask for your data?

We cannot process your order without collecting your data. we need your data to give you all the updates and notifications regarding your flight. the data helps us in tracking your order and informing you about your order, if you made any sudden changes we inform and alert you with the help of the data. not only that we help you in remembering the unbooked ticket that you attempted and forgot to book. your data also helps us in maintaining your account and it also builds a bridge between our services and the user.
Your data also helps us in letting you know about all the discounts and offers that your flight has and to sum it up your data is the key to provide a great service.

How we secure your data?

We use high-end security techniques to keep your data safe our tech professional work on securing your data by using advanced firewall technology.

Under any circumstances, we keep your data extremely secure and confidential we do share your data with our associate to provide you the services that you asked for. However, we enquire and make sure the data that we shared with our associates is secure. To know more keep reading where we give you a clear idea with whom and why we share your data.

With whom and why your data is shared?

As mentioned above your data will be shared with our associates, to make it more clear let’s say you booked a flight and a hotel service from our website, now we will give your data to the airlines and hotel that you booked within that your order will be registered and you will get the exact service that particular order claim.

Things you should keep in mind to secure your data

While we accelerate our security system to keep your data safe there are certain things that you should keep in mind to maintain the confidentiality of your data.
1. Never share your password with a third party
2. Always log out if you are logged in to some other PC
3. Make sure to change your password if you happened to left your account open anywhere.

Control your account

We respect your security and there may be certain things that you might not be comfortable sharing in that case you can make changes and update your travel account. you can also check the associates that you have booked under. But, if you refuse to create an account in the first place then we no longer be able to serve your requirements.

Let’s say you have an account with complete information and all the detail about your order are held in that account and for some reason, you want to take down that account you can easily do that just by requesting through your travel profile but as said before you will not be able to access any kind of service and you have to create a new account if you need any services from our website.

You can also request to remove the entire travel record of your account but it makes take more than six months to get through the process. In case if you happened to booed your ticket with the help of a third person then you have might have to approach the third person to help you with your account setup.

Certain cases where we share your details

Though it doesn’t happen most of the times there are still certain cases when we share your personal details

1. We may share your personal details in order to be legally responsible.
2. If the law demands your details then we will share your details
3. We provide your data as a response to any kind of judicial and legal process.
In the above-mentioned cases, one will not be updated or alerted with any kind of notification.
Certain cases where we are not responsible
There are certain cases where we don’t take any kind of responsibility and our privacy policy will not be applicable to these particular situations.
There can be many company websites that are linked to our website in order to complete your order. but we don’t take responsibility if your privacy is disturbed by that particular website that is linked with us.
Let us make this more clear if you happened to click on a link and if that link led you to any particular company website then you have to take responsibility for your personal details our website will not assure you in securing your data if give your details to some other website.

Payment and the travel records of your account

When you make a purchase of a service from our website you will be asked to fill in particular payment-related details such as your credit card number, name of the cardholder, date of card expire, and CVV. These details are furtherly linked to your travel account and they help you in making your further purchases easy.
Your account also holds a record of all your order and this information is used by us to analyze and suggest you some trips
We will maintain these details with the utmost care and protect your data from any kind of cyber theft.

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