Qantas Name Change Policy

Qantas Name Change Policy

Qantas Airways is the Australian flag carrier and the largest domestic airline. Furthermore, it is the world’s third-oldest operational air carrier, since 1920. Qantas stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, and is popularly referred to as “The Flying Kangaroo.” As the largest domestic airline, it dominates the market with a whooping 65% share, and it carried around 15% of all the passengers to and for Australia. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the airline focuses on customer satisfaction. One such feature that adheres to this philosophy is undoubtedly the Qantas Manage Booking that allows for pre planned trips. But passengers can often make mistakes while booking. For such cases, the airline provides the Qantas name change service, an easy and fast method to rectify spelling mistakes on your itinerary.

Qantas Change Name Online?

Qantas Name Change

If you are a fellow traveler on the Australian airline, then worry not as any mistakes can be rectified using the Manage Booking online. However, the Qantas change name limits itself to minor correction when done using the website. Regardless, by following the steps detailed below, you can change name on Qantas flight.

  • First visit the official Qantas website at
  • Then you can click on the Fly tab on the home screen. It will be at the top banner.
  • Now click on Manage Booking and wait for the page to load.
  • After that, enter the relevant booking details to look up your fight.
    • You have to enter the booking reference number that can be found on your confirmation email. If you purchased the ticket using your Frequent Flyer Miles, then try using your flight credits or voucher number instead.
    • And you have to provide the passenger detail such as the last name used during booking.
  • Now click on the Arrow icon and wait for the results to load.
  • Here you can select your pre-booked flight and then on the new menu click on Change My Flight.
  • After that, click on Edit name and make amendments.
    • However, be sure to remember that you can only make corrections up to a certain number of letters as permissible under the Qantas name change policy.
    • For major updates and legal name changes, you will have to contact the offline resources.
  • Once done with the corrections, you can click on Proceed.
  • However, it will redirect you to payments page.
    • Since any name corrections done on a Qantas flight is subject to a fee under the Qantas change name policy, you will have to pay certain amount if applicable under the circumstances.
    • Furthermore, taxes and service charge on top of a fare difference, if applicable, will apply.
  • Then, after making do with the payment, you can now freely save your new corrected itinerary.

Change Name on Qantas Ticket Over the Phone

The same name change can be done online by using the Qantas customer care service. Also, the offline support is capable of handling major rectifications involving name changes due to legal obligations. All you need to do is:

  • First call the service at the 24/7 available toll free number – 800-548-3192.
  • Then follow the on-call instructions and wait for an agent to connect.
  • Now inform the agent of your Qantas name change and provide the relevant booking details when asked.
  • After that the agent can further ask for some legal proof and documents supporting your corrections which you can mail offline or email it.
  • Once your Qantas change name request will be processed, you will be eligible for a name change fee.

Change Name on Qantas Flight at the Airport

Lastly, you can request an offline name change by visiting the nearest Qantas ticketing office/counter at the airport. Hence, provide your booking details to the representative in charge and ask to initiate your name change process. Most people believe it to be last minute solution.

Qantas Name Change Policy

Qantas Name Change

Qantas name change policy is strict and rather explicit in its terms and conditions. All travelers should heed the rules as per the policy that states:

  • The name on the ticket should match that on the government issued photo identification. In case of a mismatch, the airline can explicitly forbid boarding under the security policy.
  • The itinerary is liable even if there is a single character mistake.
  • The passengers have a defined time allotted to rectify any spelling mistakes. It includes both major and minor corrections.
  • If, due to any circumstances, the passenger is unable to rectify the booking, the trip will be subject to immediate cancellation after the allotted time is up.
  • A correction also entails deletion and removal of letters, but only up to 3 characters.
  • Any and all corrections up to three letters will be exempt from a Qantas change name fee.
  • However, a full name change (last name only) can only be processed offline by contacting the airline representatives.
  • No full name changes will be allowed.
  • The airlines also forbids any transfer of ticket ownership regardless of circumstances.
  • However, if you still have to change the full name, you can only do so by cancelling the original booking and then re-booking the flight with the new details.
  • Only tickets purchased directly by the airlines will be entertained for a change.
  • In case of third party purchases, you have to contact them separately.
  • Also, the flight needs to be operated by Qantas for the name change to qualify.
  • A multi segment flight can’t be modified independently, and the most restrictive fare rules will be applied.
  • To change a name on segmented flights, you have to contact the various airlines separately.
  • In case of a code-shared flight, the airline will only be responsible for its part of the itinerary.
  • For legal name changes you are required to submit the supporting documents alongside the older and the new identification, furthermore the same must reflect on the passport.
  • Also, any international trips are illegible for a name change.
  • Although minor corrections are free of cost, a major change entails a Qantas name change fee.
  • To change name on Qantas flight, a passenger is only allowed one change per trip for free.
  • Also, the change name on Qantas flight entertains unlimited corrections to the title.
  • Name change depends on the type of ticket. Also, the process for a name change before and after the ticket issuance is different.
  • Before ticket issuance, if you request a name change on a domestic flight, then the ticket will be canceled and reissued at zero costs.
  • Also on a domestic trip, any changes done within 24 hours of booking are free.
  • However, you have to be a premium member or have a higher class ticket to enjoy a name change. Low fare tickets are illegible for corrections.

Qantas Name Change Fee

As per the policy:

  • Any changes will be charged $50.
  • Furthermore, a fare difference will apply atop taxes.
  • In case where the new flight is more in value, an additional service charge of $60 will also apply.

Qantas Change Name Due to Marriage/Divorce

Any name changes due to legal obligations fall under major correction, and it is entertained offline. Such scenarios include marriage and divorce. If you want to change name, then provide the following documents:

  • Marriage license/certificate
  • Divorce decree/agreement
  • Old name proof
  • New name proof in form of a government issued photo identification

Change Name on Qantas Flight – FAQs

How can I modify the name on the Qantas ticket?

Ans: It is easy to rectify your name on a Qantas ticket, all you need to do is use the Manage Booking service online or offline.

How to change passenger name Qantas frequent flyer?

Ans: Frequent Flyer tickets are not subject to Qantas name change policy. However, you can always cancel these ticket and re-book them using credits.

Qantas change of name on ticket?

Ans: Legal changes are done even after a ticket is issued.

How to name change Qantas?

Ans: As per the policy, travelers can use any of the methods to change name, the methods being via website, phone call or visiting the airport.

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