How To Upgrade on Air France

How To Upgrade on Air France

Given that Air France is widely regarded as providing a lovely, all-inclusive French premium cabin experience, it is not surprising that the majority of “flag carriers” often take advantage of the chance to exhibit the products and customs of their home country. It helps that France has long been renowned for its fashion, wine, and gastronomy in Western society—all of which are served on the airline’s transcontinental flights.  

Travellers expect lie-flat seats, amiable service, dishes created by France’s best chefs, and well-stocked airport lounges while flying business class with Air France. 

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Air France Options To Upgrade Seat

When it comes to alternatives for passengers looking to enhance their travel experience, Air France has plenty to offer. This upgrade will work for your needs and budget, whether you’re looking for greater comfort or luxury. There are numerous options to enhance and personalise your Air France experience, including bids and Miles. A closer look at what to look for is provided here:

  • Comfort, convenience, and elegance are all attained to the highest level when travelling in business class, a premium experience. For people who wish to travel in style, business class is the best option. There are food options, use of private airport lounges, and roomy seats that can be made into entirely flat beds. Using your Flying Blue Miles or paying for an upgrade will get you into Business Class. Air France’s online auction system also allows you to place a bid for an upgrade. You can place a bid by indicating your maximum amount to get an upgrade. 
  • The comfort level of the seats is one of the main benefits of business class travel. The purpose of seats is to maximise comfort. Comfortable sleeping accommodations for long-haul travellers are offered, including lie-flat chairs. The comfortable seats may be adjusted to the ideal angle for optimal comfort. They are roomy and offer plenty of legroom.
  • Furthermore, each passenger receives personalised care from professional flight attendants. The flight attendants are instructed to attend to each passenger’s needs and give them a unique experience. Food, beverages, and any additional requests are included.
  • There’s good news if upgrading to business class is too expensive! The complimentary Air France upgrade is yours. Although it can look difficult, upgrading to business class is simple and requires little work. You can try to arrive early, wear nice clothes, greet people with kindness, and sign up for the frequent flyer program.

How To Upgrade Air France To Business Class

Various methods exist to request an upgrade once your reservation has been booked. Online research will be the simplest, but you should also consider checking when you go to the airport.

This is the process by which you can upgrade:

  • Next, provide your last name along with the booking reference. 
  • Following that, select the search button to view your reservation. 
  • Next, select a flight to request an upgrade on the list. 
  • Then, to upgrade to business class, click the “Upgrade” button and pay the associated expenses with a card or miles. 

You might see a high upgrading cost because the revenue-based strategy only charges you the appropriate difference. Keep going and attempt to get in touch with the airline or use an alternative method to check in at the airport if this happens. 

Air France Upgrade At Airport Check-in

You can check if there are any last-minute seats available when you check in at the airport and upgrade. This method entitles you to a $300 flight from Paris to New York using your original Air France Premium Economy reservation.

If you weren’t anticipating an upgrade, getting one at the airport is one of the nicest experiences, even though it’s last minute. Being courteous to your check-in agent will make them more inclined to help you find a better seat.

Air France Upgrade By Calling Air France

You can also get an estimate by giving the airline a call. Reservations for Air France can be made at (800) 237-2747. Call an office in a different nation if you need help reaching them. 

Air France Upgrade With Miles

Miles can upgrade Air France to a higher class for Flying Blue loyalty club members. Based on your ticket type, destination, and availability, different amounts of Miles are needed for an upgrade. The website’s Miles calculator can determine how many Miles are needed for an upgrade. Every euro you spend on KLM and Air France flight ticket upgrades will earn you points. More and more Miles are given to you in proportion to your Flying Blue scale. 

How to Get Upgrades Using Miles

You can use your miles to upgrade your seat on Air France by visiting the Air France website. 

  • Access the “My Reservations” area of your Flying Blue account by logging in.
  • Next, choose the flight you want to upgrade and verify that it is available. 
  • You’ll be able to see how many miles are needed for an upgrade if there’s a seat available on Air France.
  • You can move forward with the upgrade if your account has enough miles. 
  • If not, you can buy more miles or accrue more points by taking other flights or using other Flying Blue partners. 
  • A new ticket with your upgraded seat will be sent to you after you have confirmed the upgrade.

How To Upgrade Air France Flight?

You can choose between two alternatives to upgrade your flight. The following list of alternatives includes a step-by-step guide for each:

  • Ask at the customer service/check-in counter whether your flight qualifies for an upgrade. 
  • Select the upgrade that fits your spending limit and preferences.
  • After that, you can pay for the upgrade in the lounge or at the check-in desk.
  • You can start enjoying your improved flying experience after your upgrade has been confirmed and paid for. 

Easy Steps to Improve Customer Service

The procedures listed below can be used to upgrade your flight via a customer support call:

  • Booking information such as flight number, departure date, and booking reference number will be requested from you by the agent.
  • Decide which update best fits your needs and budget based on the features and costs offered. 
  • After selecting your upgrade option, you can pay online with a credit card or another method.
  • Once your booking has been changed, you will receive a new itinerary.


To improve the traveller experience, Air France provides a selection of upgrade choices. Based on availability and fare class, passengers can upgrade from economy to premium economy, business class, or first class. Along with improved amenities and services like priority boarding and lounge access, these upgrades offer more comfort. Moreover, frequent travellers can accumulate and exchange miles for free upgrades through Air France’s Flying Blue reward program. Air France aims to give its customers a more pleasurable and adapted travel experience by accommodating different passenger preferences and loyalty programs.


  1. How do I get a better seat on Air France?

Check out the official Air France website to upgrade your seat. Using your reservation code and last name, log in to your Flying Blue account or view your booking. Locate the “Upgrade” or “Seat Selection” option by accessing your reservation.

  1. Does upgrading at the airport cost less money?

Numerous variables come into play, including the airline, the route, the season, and the number of available tickets. Upgrading at the airport might occasionally be an affordable way to enjoy business-class benefits without paying full price. There are various situations where the price may go up.

  1. What is the price difference between flying in economy and premium on Air France?

Mileage upgrades are quoted continually by Air France. Therefore, the amounts aren’t fixed. Flying Blue members can expect to spend between 10,000 and 30,000 miles to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy on a transatlantic flight.

  1. Is upgrading to premium economy on Air France worth it?

The economy seats and the comfort seats are nearly identical in terms of appearance. On the other hand, the premium economy seats include larger headrests, broader seats, more legroom, fewer seats throughout the cabin, reading lamps on those moveable poles, drink trays, and water bottle holders in between the seats.

  1. How can I request an upgrade to business class?

To inquire about an upgrade:

  • Give the reservations department a call before the time.
  • Look for the phone number of the bookings department of your airline at least 24 hours before your departure.
  • Call them and inquire whether any first- or business-class tickets are available for upgrade.