How to Change Name on United Airlines Ticket?

How to Change Name on United Airlines Ticket?

United Airlines change name on ticket is only possible under two possibilities: Corrections and Changes. United accepts any minor or major spelling mistake rectification as Corrections and editing the full name as Changes. Thus, it clearly states that once the flight PNR has been generated, the airline will only entertain corrections, if you want a change anyhow, then first, you have to cancel the already generated PNR and book a new flight. However, it has also allowed some provisions under the United Airlines name change guidelines that support Name Changes after PNR generation, which we will discuss further down the lane.

To change your name on a United Airlines ticket

  • UA has to be the validating carrier in question. All flights must be operated under the United Express umbrella and/or code-share and interline passenger agreement partner.

Thus, these conditions must be met when striving to change a passenger’s name:

  • The ticket status has to be open. If not, cancel flight segments within the existing booking.
  • Book a new PNR after canceling the previous one.

United Airlines Name Change Via Website

United Airlines Name Change

Any changes made to the name on a United Airlines flight ticket via the official website fall under correction, regardless of minor or major. But these corrections do not need any supporting documents and are quite easy to implement. Thus, you can change the name on UA flights online with the help of Manage Booking services. And all you need to do is:

  • First, go to the official UA website.
  • Then you can either log into your Mileage Plus account for further instructions or locate the My Trips tab and click on it.
  • If you continue as a regular guest, you have to fill out relevant information to locate the flight in question.
  • Thus, keep the following information ready:
    • Confirmation number
    • Passenger’s Last Name
  • Now click on Search and, from the new list, click on your pre-booked flight.
  • Then click on Edit and rectify your spelling errors.
  • Finally, click on Continue to submit your corrections.
  • A name change fee, for the United Airlines change name on ticket, will be levied.
  • You can also use a mobile app for this or try offline methods.

United Airlines Name Change policy

United Airlines Name Change

Now, let us discuss the United Airlines Name Change in detail. As per the guidelines, changing name on united airline ticket is allowed if a passenger feels that the name is spelled incorrectly and there is a need for modification, he can do so without supporting documents if:

  • The First name has spelling mistakes
  • The Last name spelling mistakes
  • The nickname is incorrect
  • Nickname should be the name and vice-versa
  • Need to add prefix or title
  • Correct prefix or title
  • The middle name needs correction, changes, or addition
  • The first and last names are reversed.

United Airlines does not support full name changes unless required by law or under special provisions. Furthermore, the United Airlines change name on ticket dictates that for any corrections one must fulfill certain conditions such as:

  • UA must be operating the said flight.
  • If it is a code-share or interline agreement flight, UA must be responsible. And the changes must go through its official channel.
  • The ticket inventory must pertain to the 016 series.
  • Only one chance per ticket will be given for corrections.
  • In case of corrections, the airline will only charge a processing fee. But for a name change, corresponding charges under the United Airlines change name policy must apply with an increase in fare (if any).
  • Any correction after the one chance per ticket will be considered as a Change, and the corresponding fee will be levied alongside an increase in fare (if any).
  • No changes would be entertained if related to the flight date, time, class, or fare.
  • Although you can make changes at the time of travel, they must be minor and support government-issued identification.
  • You can’t change passenger details like gender or date of birth via Manage Booking services.
  • However, a change to DOB will be tangible under the United Airlines Name Change Policy, with conditions.

Simple Name Changes on United Airlines

Simple name changes are those that you can rectify by using Manage Booking on United Airlines. These changes are limited to spelling mistakes and often include a few letters. They do not require the burden of documentation. Some sample simple name changes are as follows:

  • Modification to spelling: Example
    • Changing First name Andraw to Andrews/Andrew/Andrea
    • Changing the Last name Flinch to Finch/Finn/Flint
  • A nickname can become a name and vice versa.
  • Any prefix and/or title addition, modification, removal
  • Addition and removal of a Middle name.
  • If the first and last name got interchanged.

Significant/Critical Name Changes on United Airlines

A Critical name change is often what we call a full name change. These require additional proof and documentation. Furthermore, you can’t correct/change these names by yourself.

The specific conditions for a critical/full name change are:

  • Due to divorce
  • Due to marriage
  • You changed your name legally

Then you’d need the following documents:

  • Divorce decree
  • Marriage license
  • Legal name change certificate
  • And government identification which supports both the previous and the current name.

How to Request United Airlines For a Name Change

Although you can make corrections yourself, for a name change under United Airlines policy, you have to request aid from the airline. You can do so by:

  • Filling out a form and uploading supporting documents in your favor
  • Contact customer care to assist with your name change.

Why Use the Name Affidavit?

Well, when you request a name change, the supporting documents demand a Name affidavit. You have to notarize the affidavit and send it to:

MileagePlus Service Center,
P.O Box 1394
Houston, TX 77251-1394

United Airlines Name Change Fee

The correction requires a base payment of $75; If done within 24 hours of booking. It is so because the reservation has to be rebooked along with a fare difference.
Any rectification after these 24 hours and 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure will cost you $200 alongside a difference in fare. Although change name on United Airlines ticket waiver can also apply under certain circumstances.

Change Name on United Airlines Ticket Due to Marriage or Divorce

Users are legally bound to change their names due to marriage or divorce. Thus, the airline allows it under major corrections. Although you can’t change the name on United Airlines by yourself, you can certainly contact customer care and request a full name change under the UA Name Change Policy. However, you have to produce the supporting documentation via post or email.

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United Airlines Name Change – FAQs

Can I transfer my United Airlines ticket to another person?

Ans: No, the United Airlines change name on ticket doesn’t mean the transfer of tickets.

United Airlines name change on non-refundable tickets?

Ans: Under the UA Name Change Policy, you can’t change your name on Non-refundable tickets after 24 hours of purchase.

How to Request a Name Change with United Airlines?

Ans: You can raise a request with your MileagePlus account, write an email, or contact the airline via a phone call. But a name change can’t happen without UA intervention.

Can you change passenger names on United Airlines tickets?

Ans: Yes, under the United Airlines change name on ticket, there are provisions for partial and full name changes.

How do I change my name on my boarding pass?

Ans: If it is a minor correction, you can do it by using United Manage Booking 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Any major or full name change requires additional conditions. And, in certain cases, PNR cancellation.

Does United Airlines require a middle name on the ticket?

Ans: No, the middle name isn’t significant to United Airlines under its Name change policy.

Does your airline ticket have to match your passport exactly?

Ans: Yes, if there are mistakes, one can be denied boarding.

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